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Tibia bone is the largest of the two bones in the lower half of the leg. A fracture in this bone requires more care and precision to make sure that the weight of the body is supported and the bone is properly fixated. With tibia fractures, it is very common to go wrong. The slightest of mistakes would mean that the bone is not in its right position and would not heal properly. The previous techniques involved the usage of nails in bringing the broken bone together. However, this often resulted in malalignment. With the new titanium nails, the problem is resolved. Be it a proximal or distal fracture the nail can fix it without causing any alignment issues. We offer you tibia nails and the whole kit made from the best material: Titanium. The nails are light in weight yet strong enough to bear the weight of the body.

GPC Tibial Nails

They are designed using the latest technology to help with the alignment of tibial fractures. These nails are found in steel and titanium so that you can use the one that best suits you. We also give you interlocking nails with lengths that vary from 22mm to 44 mm and diameters from 9mm to 14mm.With two proximal locking options and three distal locking options, you can’t just go wrong with these tibia nails.

Instrument set for Tibia Interlocking Nails

The kit is perfect for any surgical procedure involving tibia nails. It has a complete set of all the instruments you might need. From tissue protector to ram wrench the kit has everything you might need.

  • Curved Bone AWL
  • Flexible Reamer with fixed Head 8mm
  • Flexible Reaming Shaft
  • Guide Wire Holding forceps
  • Ram Guide Rod
  • Distal Aiming Device with Locking Hole Finder
  • Medullary Tube
  • Hexagonal screw Driver 4.5mm
  • Aiming Trocar and  a lot more…

The kit comes in a graphic case which helps protect the tibia nails and the other instruments. The kit is used to insert the tibia nail and make sure that it is properly fixed at the right elevation and angle in the bone. It also makes the task a lot smoother and hassle free. No more running around to assemble the things. With the kit in hand, you have everything close by that you might need.

Locking bolts of various lengths and end caps

Depending on the age and the type of fracture, it is important the bolt size varies too. Using one bolt to fix all sizes would result in problems and complications. This is the reason we offer locking bolts made of steel and titanium. Each bolt has a diameter of 4.9mm but varies in length. This is to ensure that the length doesn’t compromise on the strength of the bolt. The bolts come in sizes which range from 20mm to 60mm with all the sizes of even numbers available in between. Each bolt, either be it of steel or titanium is available in all these sizes. So make sure you use the right code to pick the right bolt.

We also offer the end cap to help secure the nail firmly in the bone. The end cap is perfect for tibia and femoral nail. Use it to make sure that no matter what kind of fracture it is, the tibia nail is able to hold the bone together.

So what are you waiting for? Get in contact with the GPC team to get more information on GPC tibial nailing system. Made from only the best quality titanium and stainless steel, it is one choice you would not regret.

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GPC Multi Angle Tibial Nail – US FDA 510k Approved

GPC GA-MMA Nail System (US FDA 510k Approved)

Interlocking Nails used for Fracture Fixation

Intramedullary Interlocking Nails – An Overview


Interlocking Nails used for Fracture Fixation

The femur and Tibia are two of the longest bones in the human skeletal system. A fracture in long bones like these, need supporting rods, or as we call them interlocking nails. It is a metal rod forced into the medullary cavity of a bone to fix and support the fractured bone.

The intramedullary rod or Küntscher nail as it was called named after the person Gerhard Küntscher who first used the device in 1939 during the World War II. He used it to fix the fractured femur bones of the injured soldiers. Prior to that, the method of treatment was very long and required the patient to be inactive for long periods. They were either treated by using a plaster or traction. The invention of intramedullary rod changed the pace of recovery of the patient to much faster and more stable.

What are the Interlocking Rods made up of?

Proximal Femoral Nail (PFN)

The earlier rods were made up of stainless steel. However, now most companies use titanium to make these rods. The advantage of titanium over steel is that it has lower mechanical failure rates and is biocompatible with the body. There was also the change in the design from the earlier rods by introducing the concept of locking nails using bolts on each end of the nail. This was more durable and fixed the bones with better strength.

Does the Insertion of the Rod in the Human Body cause any Complication?

In most cases there are no complications after the insertion of the rod in the human body but there may be long term complications in some of the patients. These complications may include knee pain, atrophy of the calf muscle, atrophy of the quadriceps, and arthritis. There are also chances of Venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.

Different Types of Nails

Unreamed Humeral Nails

GPC Medical offers the Intramedullary Nail System, a next generation of intramedullary nails characterized by their anatomic shape, which is intended to replicate the natural anatomic shape of the various long bones in the human skeleton. These nails have been designed for specific applications to help restore the shape of the fractured bone to its natural, pre-injured state.

GPC manufactures all the different types of superior quality intramedullary nailing system including:

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Femoral Nail

Tibial Nail

Humeral Nail

Supracondylar Nail

Ga-mma Nail Instrument Set

Interlocking Nail Instrument Set

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