Types of Orthopedic Bone Screws

Orthopedic bone screws are titanium or stainless steel screws that are used during the surgery of fractured bones. These serve as a support for internal fixation of bones. The material of the bone screws is highly non-reactive, thus these screws do not cause any corrosive or allergic reactions inside the body. They can remain in your body for an entire life period without causing any harm to your bones or any other physical damage.

Orthopedic Bone Screws

Types of Orthopedic Bone Screws

Here is a list of some of the major types of bone screws that are categorized on the basis of the kind of fractures and the consistency of bone tissues.

This type of orthopedic bone screw is used particularly for hard bone tissue, such as shaft of long bones.

Cancellous Screw is specifically made for spongy bones present at the ends.

Pedicle Screws are used by orthopedists for spine fusion or fractures.

These are used to pass a guide wire through it for perfect placement of the screw.

This screw is designed for internal fixation of broken bones that includes the joint cartilage. The major feature of these screws is that they are headless, so even after the settlement of the screw; the joint movements are not clogged by a screw head.

Specialists use Malleolar Screws for the fixation of ankle fractures.

All these bone screws play a vital role in the treatment of serious bone injuries. However, it is necessary to use them properly; otherwise improper use can result in nonunion of the fractured bones, damage to body tissues and infection.

GPC Medical Limited offers a comprehensive variety of bone screws for internal fixation systems for addressing an extensive range of fracture patterns in multiple anatomic locations. GPC Medical Limited is the first company to offer US FDA 510(k) approved bone screws.


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