Advantages of External Fixation

External Fixation SystemExternal fixation is a procedure of immobilizing bones that enables a fracture to heal. This procedure is done by placing screws or pins on both sides of the fracture into the bone. After this, the pins are secured together using rods and with clamps outside the skin. The rods and clamps are also known as the external frame.

Advantages of External Fixation

Here is a list of advantages provided by external fixation.

  • This procedure allows direct surveillance of the wound and limb status, which includes tense muscle compartments, wound healing, viability of skin flaps, and neurovascular status.
  • This process is quick as well as easily applied.
  • The risk of infection is minimal at the site of the fracture.
  • Other treatment linked with fracture, such as irrigation, bone grafting, skin grafting and dressing changes is possible without disturbing the fixation or alignment of the fracture.
  • This process allows simultaneous and aggressive treatment of both soft tissues and bone.
  • With external fixation the limb can be positioned and moved without the stress of fracture position loss.
  • With this procedure, fixed distraction, Compression or neutralization is possible of the fracture fragments. Moreover, the instant motion of the distal and proximal joints is also allowed. This helps in reducing nutrition and edema of articular surfaces as well as hampers joint stiffening, capsular fibrosis, osteoporosis and muscle atrophy.

Generally, this procedure is used in traumatic and serious injuries as they result in quick stabilization, however, the soft-tissues are still accessible and visible.  An external fixator helps in providing accessibility which is specifically crucial when there is major damage to blood vessels, skin, nerves, or muscle.

There are a number of indications where it is highly applicable to use external fixator. GPC Medical Limited offers a comprehensive variety of external fixation systems for addressing an extensive range of fracture patterns in multiple anatomic locations.

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