Locking Plate System – An Overview


Screw and plate osteosynthesis has been clinically recognized and established for many years. Through the years, screw and plate technology has progressed to continually enhance surgical outcomes. GPC Medical offers an extensive range of screw and plate systems and is dedicated to improving existing treatments in orthopedic trauma surgery through its products.

Basically, the Locking Screw and Plate System combines locking advanced plate designs with the screw technology to create constructs that are used where poor bone quality or deficient bone stock is encountered or in comminuted fractures. These plates can be used as fracture compression tools and locking devices by combining compression slots with locking screw holes.

This transition in thickness of the plates combined with technical innovation provides surgeons the capability to lock in perfectly.

The locking plate system was specifically designed using the idea of internal fixators. This offers an innovative solution for the osteoporotic fracture fixation. The fixed angle between the plate and the screw increases the system’s pullout strength, so the fixation stability no longer relies completely on the quality of bones.

Major Benefits

Here is a list of some major benefits of using a locking screw/plate system:

  • There is no need of accurate contouring
  • The locking screw and plate system protects the local blood supply.
  • This system does not disrupt the underlying perfusion of cortical bone like other conventional plates that compress the plate’s undersurface to the cortical bone.
  • Another benefit of using locking screw/plate systems is that the screws are not likely to loosen from the plate. So, in case the screw is placed into a fracture gap, there is no risk of loosening of the screw.
  • This system has been shown to offer more stable fixation as compared to other traditional conventional non-locking screw/plate systems.

Check out the link below, to know more about different types of locking plates & screws:


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