GPC Multi Angle Tibial Nail – US FDA 510k Approved

The latest addition to the GPC Medical wide assortment of implants is the US FDA 510k approved intraHEAL Multi Angle Tibial Nail. The advanced locking options make it a universal choice by surgeons for tibial shaft fractures, metephyseal fractures as well as pilon fractures.

GPC Multi Angle Tibial Nail is available in 8-10 mm diameters & lengths from 26-36 cm, both in stainless steel & titanium.


intraHEAL Multi Angle Tibial Nail

Special Features:

Multiple Proximal Options:

  • Three unique & innovative locking options to increase the stability of the proximal third fragment are two mediolateral, one anteroposterior & two oblique locking options.
  • The dynamic hole in the proximal end of the nail allows secondary controlled dynamization of the bone fragments

Unique Nail Design:

  • Anatomical bend for the ease of nail insertion

Unique Distal Locking Options:

  • Two mediolateral & two anteroposterior locking options for stability of the distal fragments

Standard Locking Screws:

  • 4.9 mm for proximal locking & 3.9 mm for distal locking

End Caps:

  • End caps securely lock the most proximal oblique locking screw to create a stable fixed angle construct.
  • Also prevents ingrowth of tissue & facilitates nail extraction
  • Extend the height, if the nail is over-inserted

Multi Angle Jig:

  • A universal jig is available for all the holes for proximal locking
  • It is easy to use, light weight & ergonomic

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