GPC GA-MMA Nail System (US FDA 510k Approved)

The GPC GA-MMA Nail (intraHEAL Proximal Hip Stabilizing Nail) (US FDA 510k approved) is designed specifically to heal the fractures of the trochanterc region.  Its simple design & state-of-the-art instrumentation makes it a preferred choice of surgeons across the globe.


GA-MMA Nail (intraHEAL Proximal Hip Stabilizing Nail)


  • Intertrochanetric fractures
  • Pertrochanteric fractures
  • High sub trochanteric fractures

Simple Design

  • Universal nail for both right & left hip fracture.
  • Anatomic design specifically designed for trochanteric fractures.
  • Overall length of the nail 180 mm.
  • Range of angles available 125°, 130°, 135°.
  • Single distal locking option to prevent rotation in complex fractures.
  • One distal diameter of 11 mm.
  • Self tapping thread design of the lag screw allowing easy insertion.
  • Universal jig for both proximal & distal locking options.
  • Made from carbon fibre, the jig is light weight hence it is easy to use.


  • Higher strength & stability.
  • Less traumatic operative technique.
  • Early, pain free mobilization.
  • Better prognosis.

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